World Vision celebrates partnerships with Annual Review launch

Dr Melchior Mataki delivering his keynote remarks at the launch of World Vision 2016 Annual Report at the Heritage Park Hotel

World Vision celebrated its partnership with the Solomon Islands Government, donors, NGOs, community groups and all stakeholders with the launch of its 2016 Annual Review, today.

“We want to showcase how much we can achieve once we work together,” says World Vision Country Director Janes Ginting, at the review launch, at the Heritage Park Hotel.

World Vision is implementing 26 projects in about 140 communities in Malaita, Makira, Central Islands, Temotu and Guadalcanal Provinces. The projects cover gender, community economic development, education, health and disaster with a reach of up to 46,120 people or 9 percent of Solomon Islands population.

Melchior Mataki, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology commend the work of NGOs in supporting the government, during the launch of World Vision’s 2016 Annual Review.

Australia’s deputy high commissioner to Solomon islands, Michael Hassett, speaking at the launch of the report

“During response to past disasters, such as the April floods in 2014, World Vision and other non-government organisations have been very supportive in the whole process. Without such support the government would not be able to address the needs of those affected,” Dr Melchior says.

The Government cannot be everyway at once, so all the different sectors in society including NGOs have a role to play, he adds.

Officials during the World Vision launching

He says there is room for World Vision to expand and intensify the work it has already done well.

Australia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Michael Hassett says non-government organisations have the power to foster change.

“Non-government organisations have a critical role in fostering change by supporting communities in the grassroots level. That is why we work with them,” Mr Hassett says.

World Vision staff, Osbert Lalahu, during sector discussions after the launch

He says non-government organisations have the reach they do not have and they want to see their (NGOs) reach expand.

“Even with the small budget we provided, World Vision reach is amazing. Non-government organisations can make the dollar go further which is important,” Mr Hassett says.

-WVSI Press