Students devastated as proud moment turns sour

Graduates before the procession into the Maranatha Hall today

THE long-awaited moment of achievement for some SINU students has disappeared in thin air, in a shocking turn of events at the SINU graduation this morning.

What was supposed to be a proud moment for about a hundred students and their parents turned sour when the students were removed from the graduation ceremony.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online witnessed the drama which resulted in the removed students marching to the Kukum Campus to demand explanation.

One of the students who was removed as the ceremony begins says it was a shameful and devastating feeling.

“All of us have been joining the rehearsals for this event in the past weeks and we were never told of anything such as not taking part.

“Today, we were dressed in our suits and our parents are here to see us graduate. But we were being removed because some of the lecturers say our names were not on the list.

“It’s a huge blow to us and our parents, some of whom even travel from the provinces to witness this occasion,” one female student says.

Another male student who was prepared to graduate today only to be told to leave the queue says he was shocked.

“It was shocking. My parents will be devastated, I don’t know how to explain this to them,” he says emotionally.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online could not confirm the number of students who faced the dilemma today, but one student say about a hundred.

No immediate explanation was given to explain the situation other than the reason that their names were not on the final and approved graduating lists.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online sought comments from the University authorities today to explain the hiccup but was unsuccessful.

However, one lecturer explains to Solomon Fresh-Beat Online that such situation can only occur when sponsors fail to pay up students’ complete fees without the knowledge of the students.

“Some of the students may have been studying under constituency funding from MPs. The MPs would normally inform the students that their fees were already paid when actually the fees are only partly paid,” the lecturer says.

He says another reason is students failing exams or failing to meet the required pass line.

He adds that whatever reasons there were for the sudden removal of the students from the graduation venue, the SINU administration should warn the students beforehand.

Today’s graduation marks the fourth since SINU was turned from a College.

About 1,700 students were earmarked for today’s graduation.

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