SINU explains graduation dilemma, apologizes for short notice

Professor Basil Shelton Marasinghe Vice Chancellor (Acting)of SINU

THE SINU Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Marasinghe says those denied from graduating yesterday have not completed school fees and he apologize for the short notice.

In his explanation sent to Solomon Fresh-Beat Online today, Professor Marasinghe says at the senate meeting held about two weeks ago, the senate approved the names of students who have completed the first requirement of passing exams. 

“There were 1715 students who had passed the required examinations. In the past, the university had allowed all the students who had passed the examinations to graduate irrespective of whether they have paid fees in full or not.”

He explains that for the rehearsal in the morning of Tuesday 25th April, the full list consisting 1715 names was used.

“At that time, the Students Administration Services did not have the final list of students who had met the both the requirements.  

“However, all the students were told very clearly that only the students who had completed both the requirements will be allowed to take part in Students’ Procession and receive the certificate by the Chancellor during the Graduation.

“Because of the practice that students were allowed to graduate even if they had not paid the fees in full, SINU lost large amounts of money this way because once a student graduated, they will not be interested in paying fees.

“Therefore the Governing Council in its meeting on Friday 21st April  2017 made a decision that only the students who had completed both the requirements should be allowed to graduate.

“So Finance Division was asked to prepare a 2nd list consisting of names of students who have fulfilled both the requirements (academic and financial).

“Financial Division needed some time to prepare the final list. So during the rehearsals in morning of Tuesday 25th April, the original list of 1715 was used.

“By Tuesday 25th April afternoon, the Financial Division was able to prepare the final list of 1638 students who had fulfilled both the requirements.

“So 77 students who had come for the rehearsal but had not paid fees were not able to join the Graduation.

“Because of the short notice given by the Council, the Finance Division had only 1 ½ working day to prepare the final list.

“I apologize for not being able to give students at least a few days of notice which occurred due to reasons beyond my control.”

The Vice Chancellor says any student who missed the graduation but believes that he/she or his/her sponsor has paid the fees, should provide supporting documents to the Finance Division.

“If the Finance Division finds that the supporting documents are genuine, it will inform the Students Administration Services to issue certificate for that student.”

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