RSE forum on pre-departure orientation program conclude in Auckland

Remington Tagini (second from left) from Islanders recruitment agency discussing with other participants from around the region during the RSE Pre Departure Orientation Program (PDOP) Tool kit forum in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Supplied/MFAET

Officials and stakeholders from nine Pacific Countries participating under the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme have completed a three day forum on the RSE Pre Departure Orientation Program (PDOP) Tool kit on Friday in Auckland, New Zealand.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) says, the forum which started last Wednesday was purposely to bring together officials who look after the RSE scheme in their respective countries so that they have a vital input to the development of the ‘PDOP Toolkit’.

The statement says PDOP is a crucial part of the RSE ‘End-to-End’ process.

 “It enables key messages to be conveyed to workers, prior to their departure for New Zealand, about the New Zealand working and living environment, and the expectations of New Zealand key stakeholders including RSE employers and government officials. 

“This is a key mechanism of educating workers to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities, compliance issues, pay, taxes, insurances, and pastoral care responsibilitiesns.

“The tool kit is an essential component of the PDOP and officials from the nine countries are there to give their inputs as to how the tool kit should be standardised to suit all participating countries in the RSE,” the statement adds.

During the forum, the officials had worked on updating the current RSE tool kit which has not been reviewed for the last few years.

Participating countries were able to discuss issues and challenges that they face during their Pre Departure Orientations (PDO) and also learn from each other on how they can carry out their orientations.

The officials also had the chance to meet and discuss with various employees about issues surrounding the RSE scheme.

This new revived tool kit is expected to be formally launched during the RSE tenth anniversary celebration later this year.

The forum was organized and facilitated by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Solomon Island was represented at the forum by a Senior Trade Officer with the Department of External Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade and Remington Tagini from Islanders recruitment agency.