ROC navy squadron on goodwill visit

Former ROC Ambassador to SI H.E. Roy WU speaks to the Squadron Commander, Rear Admiral Hu, Chan-Hao` during a similar visit in 2012

The Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy Midshipmen Cruising Training Squadron led by Commander Rear Admiral Cheng-Kuo Chiang will be arriving in Honiara on Friday morning, April 14th for a three-day goodwill visit.

This was at the invitation of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG).

A release from ROC Embassy Office in Honiara says, the Squadron consists of three vessels, PAN-SHI (AOE-532), SI-NING (PFG-1203) and CHANG-CHIEN (PFG-1109), with 742 Navy officers, sailors and midshipmen on-board.

This is the fourteenth visit of this kind since 1984.

The Squadron also carries a lot of donating goods which includes 33,593 yards of textile, 27 medicine trolleys, 60 cartoons of tooth brush & tooth paste, 3 cartoons of hand sanitizer, 3 cartoons of ear thermometer and 60 cartoons of medical alcohol.

The Squadron’s flagship, PAN-SHI, will be open to the public for a tour on Saturday, April 15th from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

The ROC Navy cadets will perform tattoo and martial art shows from 3:00pm at the Lawson Tama Stadium on April 14th, as well as from 3:00pm at the Art Gallery on April 15th.

The admissions to the above-mentioned performance are free of charge, and the public are encouraged to take this rare opportunity to witness the showcase of a modern ROC Navy.

ROC (Taiwan) Ambassador H.E. Roger LUO said “The visit by ROC (Taiwan) Navy Squadron highlights the goodwill and friendship from Taiwan toward Solomon Islands.

“This will not only serve to bridge the cultural and geographical gaps and promotes better understanding and closer friendship between our two peoples, but will also strengthen the cordial alliance of brotherhood between the ROC (Taiwan) and Solomon Islands for the longstanding close relationship.”