Police respond to serous wounding cases in recent days


A number of serious assault and wounding cases have been responded to by police in the past days.

Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga says at a location in Honiara known as Sun Valley, police attend to an assault case and arrested a man for chopping off another man’s nose with a machete (bush Knife).

The suspected was armed with a machete and tried to attack two other persons.

The man was arrested by police.

In another wounding incident, a male person was arrested at GPPOL for seriously wounding another person last week.

And at the Gold Ridge area, Bubulake, police arrested a man for smashing the face of another person with a stone.

Acting police commissioner Juanita Matanga says the incidents were dealt with by police.

She urged members of the public to live peacefully and harmoniously to ensure communities are safe.

“Anyone taking laws into their own hands will face the full force of the law. People must contact police on such incidents on phones 999 or 34508.

She said the incidents were alcohol related.

Community leaders were then urged to work together with police to maintain law and order.

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