Police investigate ‘missing person’


POLICE are investigating a report of a missing person in the Reef Islands, Temotu Province.

The person John Rentz Forest was reportedly missing on the night of January 1 this year.

In February 2017, a team of investigators of Royal Solomon Islands Police Force from PHQ/Rove Honiara travelled to Reef Islands and carried out initial enquiry about the report.

Police say the person went missing after attending a celebration at Ngadeli village.

On the 2nd January 2017, a search was mounted by villagers from the Reef Islands but the search was unsuccessful.

Police are now investigating the matter and are appealing to relatives and the community of Otambwe where the missing person is originally from, to refrain from any unwanted form of retaliation and allows police who are now in custodian of the case to move freely in their investigation.

Police also urge people within and around Otambwe/Reef islands to help control the situation, because the issue is of police interest and Honiara based police investigators will soon tour the area.

“Taking matters into people own hands/interest will not solve the situation, and will hugely cost negative impact in this police investigation, therefore, people/relatives of late John Rentz Forest should be patient, and liaise with Lata Police officers.”

Police also calls on people with credible information/story to inform police.

“Police are prioritising this matter and are hopeful to address it amicably and professionally.

“Finally, to entire people/populace of Reef islands particularly Otambwe, Ngadeli and nearby/surrounding must assist police in sourcing police with credible information, and not to reverse when police investigation team present to do their work at the areas concern.