Police considering leads on ‘Easter double murder’

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley

POLICE investigations into the killing of the Asian couple during Easter is now considering leads according to the police commissioner Mathew Varley.

Mr Varley says the taskforce tasked to thoroughly investigate the murders has provided him an updated report on investigation on Tuesday this week.

“They are working carefully on all the information gathered and leads,” he says.

He says they are combing carefully through a CCTV footage, forensic information and information gathered from the public.

“Every day, we have new information and developments which makes the investigation complex and painstaking, but we have several people of interest.

“We have many lines of inquiry, so this investigation will take some time.”

When grilled on possible suspects and the crime scene, the police chief refuse to confirm their leads and whether they are closing in on any suspects.

“Yes, people entered the building and committed the murder.”

He reiterated that police are now focusing on the CCTV footage and forensic analysis.

Mr Varley was tightlipped on details surrounding investigations and refused to divulge further information that he says might jeopardize the active work of investigators.

He further calls for the cooperation of those with further information that will help police in their investigations.

“We’re grateful for the support received so far.”

The Asian couple were found dead with stab wounds on Easter Monday in their Town Ground shops.

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