PM welcomes MASI’S newly updated media code of ethics

PM Manasseh Sogavare

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has welcomed the newly updated Media Code of Ethics adopted by the Media Association of Solomon Islands and encouraged all media outlets in the country to strictly abide by the regulations in the discharge of their duties.

The new Media Code of Ethics was put together by the MASI Executive with the assistance of an Australian Media Consultant, Mr Bruce Levitt.

In a government statement the Prime Minister who is the Minister responsible for information and media says the media plays a role in the collection and dissemination of information that have the potential of influencing or shaping public opinion and decisions on issues affecting the society.

He says this crucial role therefore necessitates media practitioners to be impartial and truthful in their reporting of issues so that the society can make well informed judgements and decisions on issues that affect their wellbeing.

Mr Sogavare adds that the media should also be independent of commercial and political interests that could jeopardise their objectivity when reporting on issues impinging on these interests.

He says MASI has a responsibility to ensure that media outlets in the country abide by its newly updated Media Code of Ethics and should further consider the idea of establishing a tribunal to look into any complaints of any breaches of these regulations.