‘Past leaders leave official mess, Makira gov’t intact’

Makira Ulawa Provincial premier Stanley Siapu right, and Martin Karani assembly member

AMIDST reports of a few stab taken to topple the current Makira Ulawa Provincial regime, a spokesperson for the premier Stanley Siapu today says the Siapu-led government is firm.

The spokesperson told Solomon Fresh-Beat from Kirakira, Mr Siapu still enjoys popular support amongst members.

Early this month, assembly member Martin Karani and a handful of members planned to move a motion of no confidence in the premier on alleged grounds that Mr Siapu’s government misappropriate funds and practise corruption.

That planned motion was ruled out by the speaker on grounds the allegation holds no substantiated evidences.

Reports from the province say Mr Karani and his group then planned to petition the speaker for ruling out the planned motion – a move that again failed to fulfil standing orders thus scrapped.

According to the spokesperson, the Siapu- led government commands 11 members while Mr Karani has with him 9.

The spokesperson explains that the 2014/2015 audit report under the leadership of Mr Karani and former premier Weape showed that $1.8million is unaccounted for.

“The current government is trying its best to solve this issue. There are a lot of mess left to us by the past government that we’re dealing with.”

SFB Online attempts to talk to Mr Karani were unsuccessful.