Parl passes the motion to create a formula for dispensing of CDF

Inside the Solomon Islands National Parliament chamber.

Parliament has passed a motion to consider introducing a formula that reflects fair allocation of the Constituency Development Funds to each of the constituencies in Solomon Islands.

This was moved by the Leader of Independent Group, Hon. Dr Derek Sikua.

Hon. Sikua when moving the motion said he was asked by his constituents to see how the allocation of Constituency Development Funds can be done in a fairer and equitable manner based on such factors as population, remoteness and hardship factors.

“For my constituency alone, I have an estimated population of just over 15,600 people in Northeast Guadalcanal constituency. And if you divide the allocation that each constituency was given $6.5million for the 2017 financial year equally to each of my constituents, each person would get something like $416.18 each.”

He further gave a simple analysis of the funding to show the very unfair and sad story for the majority of our people in this country, which he asked that something must be done to correct this very grave injustice.

“My motion as it stands, asking the Government to do what this motion is saying, “he added.

Hon Sikua clarified that the CDF funds he referred to in this motion are basically the Solomon Islands Government Funds to support constituency development; the SSCD Funds and the Cash Grants that come with it as well as the Republic of China Taiwan Funds which are basically cash grants, but they may also include those funds that are paid directly to constituencies from Government.

Other Members who contributed to the motion suggested that factors such as land terrain, weather conditions, time and effort to get to a certain place and generally the physical nature of our constituencies must be considered when making a formula.

A total of 18 members from both sides of the house including the Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition spoke in support of the motion.

Now it is up to Government to create and implement a formula for that cause.