Opposition condemns killing of Asian couple

Police forensic officers at the scene on Monday

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has condemned in its strongest terms the alleged barbaric act which resulted in the death of an Asian couple over the weekend.

In a statement today, the Opposition Office says it is shocked to learn of the incident on Monday this week.

“This incident has brought a very sad end to this Easter celebrations especially when the message of Easter is for all citizens to love, forgive and look out for one another,” it says.

The statement adds that the Opposition Group whilst condemning the killing has also called on good citizens of this country to assist police with its investigations.

The Opposition Group in the statement says they have all the trust and confidence in the police force that those responsible will be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group has also supported calls made by the police to allow justice to take its course and that for all citizens including the Chinese community to keep calm and respect the rule of law.

The Opposition Group has also joined thousands of Solomon Islanders around the country in conveying its sincere condolences to the families of the deceased and the rest of the Chinese Community in the country.