Mother left her newborn yards away from home to die


Police in Noro, Western Province are investigating an incident that shocked members of the community.

A newborn baby was found dead with the umbilical cord still attached.

Police say it was one of the regular cases that must be stopped.

But Noro police now have a suspect who could be the mother. Police say the babe was found only about a 100 meters away from where the suspected mother lives.

Acting police commissioner Juanita Matanga says Noro police are investigating the incident.

A number of similar cases occur every year in the Solomon Islands for a number of reasons.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the major factor. Other issues include concealing of pregnancy by young girls because of fear of being ridiculed and having to deal with negative repercussions from close relatives and members of the community.

Other young girls have their own reasons, but abandoning a newborn and or living it to die is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

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