Historic Bina Harbour communique sealed

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The Government and the Resource Owners of Bina – Talifu land in Malaita Province have signed a historic communiqué on Friday 6th of October, paving way for the development of a Tuna Processing Plant at Bina Harbour.

The signing of the communiqué was a result of three months of dialogue, discussions and consultations that started on July 28 this year at the project site in Bina.

From that first consultation meeting, the Bina Tuna Processing Plant Project Sub Committee which was established by cabinet earlier this year made a strategic recommendation to individually deal with each of the parties.  The strategy was useful and resulted in follow up meetings with the primary, secondary and other parties in the area.

Chairman of the subcommittee Mr. Ferral Lasi who is also the Under Secretary (Technical) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources thanked the resource owners for their willingness to work with the government on this vital project.

“This marked an important mile stone to this project and a real opportunity for the people of Bina-Talifu and Malaita Province to see this important national project kick off and let me remind you again the government is ready now than ever before to implement this project,” Mr Lasi said.

The communiqué stresses that the committee and representatives of the groups will continue to work closely together in the spirit of inclusiveness. In addition, the communiqué contained ten commitments that formed the basis of working together by the government and the resource owners going forward.

Furthermore and in addition to the ten commitments, the communiqué further provided five strategic steps that the committee and the resources owners will take to ensure that the titles of land is properly settled by December in a manner that is transparent and in accordance with the relevant laws and customary practices of the locality.

The resource owners are confident that the 5 strategic steps have provided them a very clear pathway for them to settle the issues that for so long has been the back born of failure to this project.

They thanked the government and especially the subcommittee for their untiring commitment in ensuring the groups is assisted with the most appropriate advice.

The resource owners and the government through the subcommittee have made a commitment that by December 2017 the names of the trustees will be inscribe to the land title sheet. This will be the ultimate milestone for this project for this year 2017.

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