GP signs pact with Fiji based Medical body

GPG and Guadalcanal Council of Women Officials witnessing the signing by Premier Veke and Ms. J. Poole. Photo: GPG Press

Guadalcanal provincial government (GPG) has signed a five year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Medical Service Pacific (MSP).

The signing ceremony takes place on Friday 24th March 2017 at the provincial headquarters in Honiara.

A statement from GPG says, Premier Anthony Veke and MSP Executive Director, Ms Jennifer Poole signed the MOU in the presence of GPG and Guadalcanal Council of Women Officials.

MSP is a Fiji based non-government regional organization established in 2010 with the mission to provide quality health care and social services for women, children and youths.

MSP seeks to build resilience, knowledge and skills among vulnerable groups who are coping with emerging environmental, economic and human security challenges.

MSP thrives by working collaboratively with key partners and stakeholders such and in this case subnational governments to maximize resources and strengthen local capacities hence, the signing of the MOU with GPG.

According to MSP fact sheet, they focus on sexual reproductive health, maternal and child health services, human rights and gender, disaster, conflict and humanitarian response, engaging and empowering youth and girls and climate change and environmental health.

The statement says the purpose of the 5 year MOU is to fulfil the goals and objectives of MSP and the Guadalcanal government through cooperation and joint action in their respective fields of common interest.

Speaking at the signing, Premier Veke thanked the Guadalcanal Council of Women for linking MSP with the Provincial government.

He says the GPG Health and Medical Services and Sports, Women and Youths Divisions are the main departments that will closely work together with MSP.

“The province is happy to sign this MOU,” Mr Veke adds.

Ms Poole says she is very excited and happy to be branching out and working with partners in the Solomon Islands, the Guadalcanal Council of Women and now with Guadalcanal Provincial Government.

“Today we worked out and sign how we can work together and coordinate, how we report and how we network together , so that we can get the services to the areas that need it the most,” she adds.

“MSP was linked to the provincial government through the Guadalcanal Council of Women in which they also had an MOU.”