Gov’t reiterates call for responsible reporting

Solomon Islands government coat of arms

The Prime Minister’s Office has again reiterated calls for responsible journalism in light of the recently updated Code of Ethics of the Media Association of Solomon Islands.

The reiteration of the calls for responsible reporting followed the Island Sun newspaper’s publication of the article by Alfred Sasako headlined ‘PM Defies Caucus.’ The article published on 30th March 2017, had been refuted by the Office of Government Caucus.

The Prime Minister’s Office said whilst the Government respects the right of each individual to exercise the freedom of speech, Media outlets also have an ultimate duty to ensure that the public is not misinformed and must hold their editors accountable for dissemination of information that is false and misleading.

“Responsible and accountable journalism is all about ensuring accuracy, fairness and balance.

“The Government understands that its actions are subject to public scrutiny, however the publications of unverified information are dangerous and could amount to inciting public unrest.

“The continuous publication by Mr Sasako of unverified information calls into question his professional etiquette and his standing as a veteran journalist. Not only does this apply to journalists, but also media publication outlets. Editors of Media publications should be vigorously pursuing excellence in their chosen profession and not “publish sub-standard material with unverified content, thereby demeaning their profession.

“Media Code of Ethics of the Media Association of Solomon Islands embraces accuracy, balance and fairness in reporting and the Government calls for MASI to ensure its members abide by the Code.  MASI is responsible for setting the professional standard and it is the Government’s hope that journalists maintain it,” the Prime Minister’s Office said.

-PM’s Press Secretariat