First 2017 police recruit starts training

The new recruit officers with former Politician Hilda Kari together with the senior ranking RSIPF officers

SIXTY-NINE new Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Recruit officers have taken part in an opening ceremony at the RSIPF Operational Safety Training Faculty building in Rove Police Head Quarters, today.

This is the first recruit for this year. 70 have been selected.

The ceremony was officially opened by Supervising Commissioner of Police, Juanita Matanga and witnessed by former politician Hilda Kari, Acting Commander Darren Boyd Skinner and other senior ranking officers of the RSIPF.

Ms Juanita in her opening speech says selection of right people for the police recruitment is not an easy task.

Supervising Commissioner of Police, Juanita Matanga delivers her speech

“I wish to congratulate you all for being selected into the police and I want to challenge you that the police expect officers with discipline, honesty and dedication to the police.

“I urge you to be respectful to others and yourselves and change your cultural thinking.

“I know there are men and women in this recruit who originated from different cultural backgrounds throughout the country.”

She adds that RAMSI is expected to complete its mission in the month of June this year (2017) and this recruit in-take form part to fill up the gap will be left by officers of RAMSI and PPF officers.

Hilda Kari attended the opening ceremony because the recruit is given a code name “Hilda Kari Recruit’.

In her speech, Mrs Kari re-emphasise professionalism.

Former Politician Hilda Kari addressing the new Police recruit officers

“The country expects women and men who join the police must train well to be discipline officers, respecting good governance, honesty, role models and always carry out police duties with professionalism.”

Hilda Kari is the first female parliamentarian in the Solomon Islands.

The current recruit has 35 females. The program involves an 18-week intensive training.