Duo Aust bound for a lifetime trip

Chris Mana (Left) and Clarence Natei (right) with the Justin Bieber Concert Tickets before their departure at the Honiara International Airport today afternoon.

Winners of the recent Rexona, lynx, Impulse and Dove deodorant promotion departs for Brisbane, Australia today afternoon.

Clarence Natei, 20, chose his relative Chris Mana, 19, to accompany him on this trip of a lifetime.

The boys also paid a visit to the TTS office at Hyundai Mall on Friday to thank the staff personally after their visa was granted on time for their travel.

Clarence who is currently a 100 level student at USP says he also manage to complete his assignments so that the trip will be stress free.

“Although he is more of a LYNX user than a Bieber fan, he said anyone would jump at the opportunity to see him on stage.

“I am overwhelmed, I always say to myself to expect the unexpected and this is it,” the young excited lad says.

The chosen friend Chris was a former Solo Icon runner up, he was at the draw event for entertainment, little did he know that at the end of the day his cousin would pick him to share the experience with.

“I was practically there to sing a few of Bieber’s songs. I was excited for Clarence and later he chose me which is a surprise for me too.”

The excited duos were farewell by their families and a Bulk Shop representative as well as the promotion team from Sparklens Freelance Co.

The Winners also acknowledged Bulk Shop for this opportunity of a lifetime.

The concert will be held at Suncorp Stadium tomorrow evening.

Beiber fans all over Australia made headlines when more than a thousand tickets were purchased in less than three minutes in January with inflated tickets continued to be purchased on resale sites.

The duo will return on Wednesday.

– Sparklens Freelance Co.