Deputy Prime Minister says he is not related to ‘con doctor’


Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga refutes claim made by Chris Filia, who was referred to by the media as a ‘con doctor’.

It was reported that during Filia lied to a number of institutions and individuals and during his time in Port Moresby, PNG, he claimed to be the Deputy Prime Minister’s son.

That prompted police to escort him at times.

Mr Maelanga says he does not know Chris Filia.

“I don’t know this person. He’s not my son,” he clarifies this today after details about this person’s history was exposed.”

The Deputy Prime Minister further denied having any knowledge about this person being a beneficiary of scholarship under his constituency, East Malaita.

“I don’t know how he got his scholarships, certainly not under my constituency.”

Medical authorities are reportedly in the process of asking police to investigate Filia, who failed his medical studies but is pretending to be a doctor and attending to patients at the National Referral Hospital until he was chased out by security officers at the central hospital.

The said Filia apparently used an authentic ID card from AMA University (in the Philippines) and told the medical staff’s that he was on practical basis.

He reportedly conned the nurses into believing his medical practicum for three semesters, thus they showed him around the hospital wards as a beginner.

Medical authorities were tipped and a background check confirmed he was never a qualified doctor.