Burns Creek farmers end livestock training

Local farmers after the training

Livestock farmers of Burns creek have successfully completed a pig husbandry and welfare management, and feed formulation training for piggery and poultry last week.

The three days training was conducted by officers from the livestock and Veterinary department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) following request by the community members.

“The training was important and timely for the farmers since they have been keeping their livestock for many years now but without formal knowledge and understanding of livestock farming,” training facilitator and deputy Director of Livestock Hearly Atupule said.

Mr Atupule added that lack of knowledge and understanding of livestock farming had led to poor animal welfare management and husbandry practices, incurring of high cost without quality production resulting in losses of income for the farmers.

The pig husbandry and welfare management component of the training included feed formulation and demonstration while poultry keeping specifically focuses on broiler and layers farming.

Atupule reiterated that it is very important for our farmers to wholly participate in the livestock industry.

“Quantity and quality meat cannot be produced if our farmers lack the knowledge and skills to raise their animals.”

“The knowledge to better understand the nutritional requirements for pigs and chicken both layer and broiler, and the management practices to ensure their health for quality meat and eggs,” he said.

The deputy director said the interest shown by the farmers was overwhelming that they have requested two more trainings for other farmers who were not part of the first training.

The Ministry is continuing to implement DCCG policy objectives, which in this case is the facilitation and support of development of the livestock industry.

Capacity development of farmers will help enhance their capabilities and in so doing improve farm profits.

17 men and 14 women took part in the training.

Similar training is also planned for farmers of Aruligo starting 28th to 31th March.

-MAL Press