Awareness on Gold Ridge mine re-opening begins

Picture of Solomon Islands Gold Ridge mine on Central Guadalcanal expected to reopen

A series of awareness meeting with key stakeholders of the Gold Ridge mine begins tomorrow (Tuesday 25 April) in Honiara.

A statement from the Government Communication Unit says, the Cabinet appointed Sub-Committee on Gold Ridge, Chaired by the Member of Parliament for East Guadalcanal, Bradley Tovosia is holding a series of awareness meetings this week with key stakeholders and resource owners.

“Crucial to the consultations will be the mining and environmental conditions set out for the operation.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday 25), the Government will meet with the Gold Ridge Community and Landowners Council (GRCLC) members.

“The Department of Mines and the Department of Environment and Conservation will be represented in these programmes,” the statement adds.

Follow-up awareness meetings at key communities around the Gold Ridge region will commence in coming weeks.

The Gold Ridge mine in Central Guadalcanal was one of the main income earners for the country until its closure a few years back.

“Since taking charge 3 years ago, the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government has announced its aim to re-open the mine with the intention to maximize benefits to resource owners, the Provincial Government, the Investor and the Government,” Hon. Tovosia says.

With recent issues associating with the mining arrangement coupled with the pressing issue of the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) dewatering project, the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Gold Ridge had completed its major task in re-opening the mine.

“It will now commence into reviews and community consultations to create a mutual relationship between the Government and the Resource Owners,” Mr Tovosia adds.

The awareness and consultation programmes will form the basis for a final report by the Sub-Committee before it winds down its tasks soon.