Acting GG receives, welcomes Brazil’s ambassador to SI

The new Brazilian ambassador Manuel Innocencio De Lacerda Santos and the Solomon Islands Acting Governor General Jasper Nasiu at the Government House.

Brazil’s ambassador to the Solomon Islands today presented his credentials to the Acting Governor General at the Government House in Honiara.

Speaking during short ceremony of presentation of the letter of credence, Acting Governor General Jasper Nasiu says Brazil is among one of the economically strong countries of the world, and has a vibrant industrial and agricultural sector.

“And I believe that we can constructively engage with each other in areas that we can potentially all benefit from,” Mr Nasiu told the new ambassador.

He told the new Brazilian ambassador Manuel Innocencio De Lacerda Santos, with the majority of the population in the rural communities, dependent on agriculture, fishing and forestry as part of their livelihood, it is only fitting as alluded to by you, to pay specific attention in the area of Climate change issues too, in the international arena.

The Acting GG then reveal Solomon Islanders’ strong relationship with Brazil in terms of football.

“I acknowledge that Brazil’s endeavors on the football field, are exemplary and Solomon Islanders are also passionate fans of the beautiful game.

“Many Solomon Islanders are avid supporters of the Brazilian football team, and we fancy ourselves as the ‘Brazil of the Pacific’.

“The Solomon Islands national football team has more recently profited from the expertise of a Brazilian coach, and appearing for their third time at the futsal World Cup in Colombia last year.

“Therefore we welcome and highly appreciate, assistance in our sporting sector, especially when sport is a positive influence on the lives of our young population.”

In the international fora, Mr Nasiu says Solomon Islands will continue to work closely with the Republic of Brazil and other friendly, likeminded countries on issues of common interest, based on our mutual belief on the values of peace, progress and prosperity for our peoples.

“Please rest assured that we will continue to support you to ensure success during your term in office.

Brazil’s new ambassador to the Solomon Islands says the two countries can work together to explore the many avenues that are available to enhance the diplomatic relationship of the two countries.

Solomon Islands and Brazil have enjoyed diplomatic ties over the last 12 years.