Wet weather comes with wraths, acting mayor speaks of safety


Acting Mayor Charles Aiwosuga is calling on city residents to take precautionary measures as wet weather knocks every now and then.

Mr Aiwosuga says residence have to ensure their drainage systems are clear to avoid blockade which can result in flooding within homes.

He also extends the reminder to those living on and close to hills to be on alert for possible landslides.

“It is a reminder to be extra careful and also to keep our environment clean and safe during this rainy season to avoid disease outbreaks and casualties.”

The Supervising Mayor states that City residents and everyone in the provinces, must always stay abreast with weather reports from the Meteorological Service.

Meanwhile, Aiwosuga encouraged church groups and individuals who are interested in organizing religious activities in the Council’s grounds to do so, with the approval from the City Clerk.

“We are in the Lent season and heading towards Easter, and I encourage churches and individuals to continue with the spiritual activities to contribute towards peaceful coexistence in the city.

“There are three fields belonging to the Council which any interested church groups that would like to organize their activities or programs can use, but with a written letter to the City Clerk seeking permission,” he added.

He calls on everyone to be cooperative in ensuring a safe and peaceful city.