Walk of shame?

MPs at the Honiara Hotel Camp before the Motion of No Confidence last week.

Another name is added today to the book with names of Solomon Islands Prime Ministers, in fact the second in one political term.

The political wrangling is over for now and the aim was partly achieved, if not never.

The eight members within the former DCCG government who were described by some commentators as bad apples, resigned with the aim to remove the Prime Minister and form a new government.

They joined forces with others at the Honiara Hotel camp and succeeded in their ploy to bring down the Prime Minister.

Yes, the Prime Minister has been removed, but the eight were left high and dry on the other side of the fence when the opposition group and members of the Democratic Alliance Party decided to fill their (defectors) vacuum which re-enforced the former DCCG group to retain power.

Literally, the winner is Small Malaita MP Rick Hou and the former DCCG group camping at the Heritage Park Hotel, but the political instability only disturbs and halts government operations.

Ordinary eyes see no winners in the recent political squabbling, because all they want is for a stable government that continues to fulfill and achieve its policies and adequately provide the needed services to its people.

In fact, the country loses a lot from the action of the few, who at the end of the day also failed to achieve their goal of forming a government.

People however applauded the move made by the former opposition group and DAP members in filling the void left by the defectors.

This is because they believe there is no time left for any new government to come into power and deliver anything.

Some social media commentators even feared that any new government will only enter with the intention to serve themselves in the remaining short period and leave the mess for a new government after the 2019 election, to deal with.

It is therefore only sensible that the former regime continues to man the country for the remaining year although under a new command.

This wish came true today, but loses and casualties have already been inflicted.

Today’s election ended in a landslide victory for the former DCCG group and their candidate Rick Hou who polled 33 votes.

The Honiara Hotel camp successfully took down Sogavare but were left high and dry in their next battle phase of forming a ruling coalition.

They only polled 16 votes. One vote was spoilt.

Were the defectors too confident when they took the first step of that “walk of shame”?

Whatever it was, they will remain in the shadow until the natural death of the current house in a year’s time.

  • Ting Ting (Opinion)

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