Vigulu:SFRM the way forward

Ministry of Forest Permanent Secretary, Vaeno Vigulu (L) and Kyoji Mitutani, Resident Representative of JICA Solomon Islands (R) shake hands and exchange documents after the signing.

Sustainable Forest Resource Management (SFRM) is the way forward to making avail alternatives to sustainably utilize the current available forest resources of the country.

It only needs better development and management options through capacity building which should control the future utilization of the forest resources, said the Ministry of Forestry and Research Permanent Secretary, Vaeno Vigulu.

He acknowledged the Government of Japan through Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for their support and intention to collaborate with the Ministry in this effort.
“I believe, Solomon Islanders will benefit from this collaboration in Forestry as Japanese highly qualified resource people will be involved.

“Japan Forestry industry is renowned for its sustainable management and support to local livelihoods, and a lot of research activities have been conducted that would be useful to assist Solomon Islanders to learn from.

“Although environmental conditions are not the same, similar principles and designs can be replicated on local trials or pilot sites to determine the best practices on local conditions,” said PS Vigulu.

He said outcome of the SFRM Project as per the Record of Discussions will certainly develop the Forestry resources through capacity building which will boost or have impact to the livelihood of the resource owners and the industry at large.

More so giving another pathway of opportunity to the country to support its developing economy, said the Permanent Secretary.
Kyoji Mitutani, Resident Representative of JICA Solomon Islands said the signing is marking of a new technical cooperation.

He said realization of SFRM project’s importance as a pressing need for the national economy by both JICA and the Ministry of Forest is vital in this undertaking.

“Capacity development of the Ministry to enable implementation of SFRM through developing of policies to promote SFRM, facilitate coordination and collaboration amongst the ministry and other stakeholders concern is of paramount.

“And through pilot activities in collaboration with the communities,” said Mr Mitutani.
“I am anticipating the project’s start in April upon the experts’ arrival. The experts and the Ministry of Forest will spend some time for intensive discussion especially in the phase of setup of the project in the beginning.

“But I can say the project is very ambitious and challenging at the same time. I hope you all work with the experts together as one team in a harmonious environment.”

Forestry Commissioner, Reeves Moveni also commended both the Forestry Ministry and JICA for the collaborative effort in seriously identifying the pressing needs of this country, especially within the forestry sector.

More so for taking the initiative in trying to addressing it through this project – Capacity Development for the Sustainable Forest Management in this country, said Mr Moveni.

“You may note that rapid deforestation and forest degradation due to unsustainable commercial logging and other land use or developments is a concern.

“This is one of the pressing issues and if not properly addressed, it may have great impact on this nation.

“But we can now be certain and sure, looking forward after the signing of this Record of Discussion for the implementation of this project for the good of this country.”

Commissioner Moveni also expresses appreciation to the Japanese Government for funding the SFRM Project, with availing of its resource people, and the commitment shown during the initial period to determine the Project Proposal.

“As a result, we have signed the Agreement, indicating soon implementation of the SFRM project objectives and activities.

The signing took place last week will enable JICA and Forestry including its partner organisations to work and share together information’s, technical expertise and management of forestry resources.

– MoFR Press