Titiru Eco-Lodge visitors increase


ONE of the upcoming famous Eco-Lodge in the Western Province Titiru Eco Lodge is currently facing an increase in the number of bookings from tourists.
Owner and local business man Kilo Paza said, the pre-bookings have gone as far as July 2017.
Mr Paza said, this is good news for the local tourism industry and it is good to see that visitors wanting to visit his Eco-Lodge are growing fast.
“At the moment, I am taking in visitors based on two market types; visitors on Honey Moon trips and those that wanted to be part of Eco activities.
“Currently, there are four garden bungalows and two overwater bungalows. Another two overwater bungalows are now under construction stages.
“By next year, the Eco-Lodge should be in full operation,” Mr Paza said.
The Eco-Lodge is sheltered behind a mangrove and fringed by forest northwest on Rendova Island.
Mr Paza said, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was also behind the facelift of the Eco-Lodge.
“It’s good to see that the government is assisting local people in boosting the tourism Industry.
“I am sure that Solomon Islands is on the right track,” Mr Paza said.
Some of the main activities provided at the tourist destination are; snorkelling, bush hike, village tour (to Ughele), underground walk, mangrove walk, local medicine walk, local cooking, and many more.
Mr Paza said it is community based tourism where he shared the benefits of what comes to his destination to people in the nearby Ughele village.
This is where he sees tourism as an inclusive industry, and involving the community in the daily activities of the destination is very important.