This is for the rural farmers

KPSI Operations Manager, Wilson Kikolo giving words of acknowledgement with the KPSI staff, after being presented with the 2016 Business of the Year Award by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare (far left) during a similar event held in 2016.

THEY are known for bringing to the world stage one of the country’s most traditional beauty products still in practice – the coconut oil.
After coming into the global spotlight last month when a UK magazine voted their product Virgin Coconut Oil for “Best Buy”, it was no surprise the 2016 Business Excellence Awards embraced their success.
Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands on Saturday night won the 2016 Business of Year Award also known as the Prime Minister’s Award at the Business Excellence Awards (BEAs) hosted by Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (SICCI).
The coconut producers went into the race for the top award while also being recipient for the award of Exporter of the Year.
Kokonut Pacific SI (KPSI) Operation Manager, Wilson Kikolo received the award from Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare that night.
In humble gratitude, he dedicated their success to their local farmers.
“This award goes to them, our hard working farmers,” said the operations manager.
He was joined on stage by his young passionate and talented team.
KPSI engages a network of some 1,179 rural farmers from across eight provinces, covering more than 5,000 hectares of organically certified coconut plantations.
“KPSI manages the value chain from village based producers to final quality control, packaging and export.
“We also manage a NASAA Certified Organic Grower Group with hundreds of growers in remote islands and communities tending more than half a million coconut trees!”
A major factor contributing to KPSI’s success is the partnership it has with Kokonut Pacific Australia (KPA) since its establishment in 2004.
KPA are the distributors of their renowned Virgin Coconut Oil in Australia and around Europe and have developed the market which KPSI supplies.
KPSI acknowledges their partnership with village communities as crucial to their success and the use of appropriate technology suitable for village level, mentoring rural oil producers and the support of KPA.
The KPSI headquarters is based in Honiara with a board of directors and a staff of 25.
KPSI is a for-profit social enterprise. It was established in 2004 as a joint venture with KPA and local investors.
“Our mission is to enable rural Solomon Islanders to earn meaningful incomes and improved livelihoods from their existing sustainable coconut resource,” says their operation statement.
KPSI is a member of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry.