SIFF condemn Konofilia’s dealing as unprofessional


The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) executive and staff have strongly condemn Joel Konofilia’s continuous ranting on social media against the national football governing body as ‘unprofessional’.

SIFF is opening its door to anyone who is determined to develop the beautiful game and Mr Konofilia is no exception.

The national football governing body see the Royal academy project as a positive step towards football development, but Joel’s approach has been a constant issue.

Under FIFA regulations and status, SIFF is not obliged to enter into any dealings with Konofilia and Royal academy because they are not affiliated to Honiara Football Association (HFA) nor the Guadalcanal Football Association (GFA) which he claimed to be technically operating under.

SIFF is entirely responsible for technical, infrastructure and administration of national leagues and only answerable to its member associations.

However, due to Joel’s continuous visitation at the Allen Boso Complex, SIFF staff have had opened our doors to listen to him.

“I am taking five (5) boys for trails in England for the English Premier League (EPL),” Joel said in an email correspondence.

“After trying our best, Royals FA could only pay the first payment of NZ$2,000 for only two of the players.

“Please help pay for the other three players and we will reimburse you after our corporate dinner.

“I’m only asking to borrow money as we have run short at the deadline.

“However be advised that we are hosting a corporate dinner of 50 tables. This will bring in half a million dollars and paying the federation back won’t be a problem at all”.

Mr Konofilia is asking to borrow from SIFF which is totally unprofessional since SIFF is not a loaning agent.

As the national governing body of football in the country, the SIFF technical department requested Konofilia to provide details information of the project, confirmed correspondence from EPL about the trails, contacts and other details which then will be forwarded to the executive members for consideration.

“With details of my agent, I am sorry but I deliberately kept it sacred. However, the trip is definitely on as I’ve already committed funds with the payment of two of our players,” Mr Konofilia said in his response.

Therefore, SIFF is not obliged to enter into any further dealings as Joel’s project on the face of it appears dubious.

Also SIFF had paid Australian visa for two players who supposed to have trails in Australia through a similar arrangement under Royals last year which was never materialized.

Thus, SIFF has warned Joel to stop his misleading ranting against the national body but rather find a way to move the game we all love forward.

Currently in Russia for the FIFA Congress, SIFF President William Lai has slams Konofilia’s call to change SIFF leadership.

“Someone informed me that Joel rubbished us and he demanded changed in SIFF leadership. How childish and selfish,” he said.

“SIFF is not answerable to him as he is a non SIFF member.

“This is very important that we must remind ourselves of our responsibilities to our members, OFC and FIFA.

“Also we need to be careful how use our FIFA funds”.

Meanwhile, the SIFF executive will propose to sign a MoU with its members and S-League clubs in relation of a player development project.

“We have our own plans to get 3 players to La Liga for trails should our under-16 qualified in September.

“SIFF has its own arrangements,” President Lai added.

However, SIFF is willing to assist the players travelling to England once the trip is confirmed.

Source: SIFF Media