SI West Papua Solidarity Group welcomes PM’s stance on West Papua

Former MSG Chair- Solomon Islands current Deputy Prime Minister Hon Sogavare, standing fourth from left in the front row, and members of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) at the opening of the MSG Leaders’ Summit in Honiara in June 2015. It was then that the ULMWP was admitted as an Observer Member of this Melanesian sub-regional organization. Photo: PM' Press.

The Solomon Islands Solidarity for West Papua Group welcomes and thanked the new Prime Minister’s affirmative stance on the West Papua issue.

Prime Minister Rick Hou this week openly reaffirmed his new government’s support for West Papua.

The Solomon Islands Solidarity for West Papua Group in a statement applauded the Mr Hou and his government for taking the bold and positive stand.

“West Papua issue is a human rights issue therefore any government of the day must render support until the West Papuan people’s plights are achieved and addressed,” the group said.

The group welcomed the reaffirmation from the new government adding that the support is crucial to ending the human rights issues in West Papua and the fight for self-determination by the Melanesians.

“It takes brave and compassionate leaders to stand up and openly announced their support,” the statement added.

The group then conveyed their congratulations and best wishes to the new Prime Minister and his government.

“We look forward to working closely with the new government regarding the West Papua issue.”