SI welcomes game-changer project initiatives

Representatives of the Development Partners at the Dialogue.

Prime Minister Rick Hou has told the donor community that Solomon Islands is keen to welcome partnerships in large transformative and game changer project initiatives that would make a real difference and transform lives of people.

He made the statement at the 2017 Second Joint Solomon Islands-Development Partners Dialogue in Honiara today (6/12/17), which has gathered top officials from both the Solomon Islands Government and the Donor Community.

The Prime Minister noted that such Partnerships would require the localization of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“I believe this will help us to achieve our National Development Strategy (NDS) objectives and the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and at the same time answer the call for ‘leaving no one behind,” he said.

Mr Hou informed the Dialogue that Solomon Islands have made headways to localize the SDGs and has also developed indicators for reporting to the United Nations on the progressive status of the SDGs during the period of its implementation.

In September this year, the Government has conducted a first performance report on the current NDS 2016-2035.

The Report is part of a comprehensive assessment process undertaken by the Government through the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC) with line ministries and development partners.

The objective of the Report is to inform the Solomon Islands Government and its development partners of the overall progress the country has made in terms of achieving the objectives of the NDS 2016-2035.

The Report highlights the challenges and issues encountered in the implementation of the NDS and propose recommendations on how best to progress towards achievement of NDS objectives in each sector.

“As a recipient country, we have to search for ways to engage and involve our development partners, and other development stakeholders to participate more actively, and meaningfully, in our development frameworks,” Mr Hou said.

For example in the implementation of the NDS, the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA), MDPAC, with the assistance of UNDP, is developing a Solomon Islands Integrated Financing Framework (SIIFF).

The SIIFF aims to guide the Government in mobilising and securing development cooperation and assistance of development partners, private sector and other development stakeholders.

The SIIFF would also be an opportunity where development partners come together to support the NDS and integrated SDG implementation at the country level.

The Government believes that the SIIFF would also provide a guide for development and investments by our development partners, private sector and stakeholders in the areas that would bring about the desired objectives of the NDS, SDGs and IPoA.

-Gov’t Comms Unit