RSIPF continues meetings with community leaders


As part of its operations to prevent crime within communities in around Honiara during the current political situation, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) through its National Community Policing Unit continues to meet with community leaders to encourage them to work together with their members to maintain law and order during this current period.

The latest is a meeting of 31 community leaders representing communities including Henderson, Sun Valley, Lungga, Burns Creek, Papaho, Choviri, Mbokonavera, Kaibia, Kobito 1, & 3, Wind Hill, Aekafo, Aekafo Gibert Camp, Okwala, Gibert Camp Mamana Water, Borderline, Adaliua, Agape and Karaina Settlement in White River,  held at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara today (14 November).

During the meeting police emphasised key messages that the community leaders should be conveying to their members. This includes:

  • Being responsible for whatever they do within their communities as well as moving around in the city to ensure what happened during similar political situations in the past does not happen again;
  • The RSIPF is mounting a high level operation and will not tolerate any anti-social behavior, any illegal activity or any threats of violence that would impact on the safety of our citizens or the safety of our politicians and derail the political process underway to elect a new prime minister this week.
  • Members of the public both in Honiara and throughout the provinces are encouraged to remain calm and go about their normal business as usual and to allow our national politicians to resolve the situation in parliament through the democratic process as required by law.
  • Anyone who have information on anybody who might be planning to disturb the peace to contact their nearest police station or call the police emergency toll free number 999 or 23666 Police Communication Centre in Honiara.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner Police (ACP), National Capital and Crime Prevention, Patricia Leta told the meeting: “I am delighted with the good attendance of community leaders from the various communities in Honiara to this organised meeting and with the wisdom which you all shared it will help us show leadership in the communities we represent.”

“With the assurance you have given and advice provided, police will count on you as you are the eyes and ears of the police in the communities,” says ACP Leta.

Concluding the meeting, Police Superintendent Solomon Sisimia, who is the Director of the National Community Policing Department says, “I am pleased and thankful for the cooperation from you community leaders in assisting the police in preventing crime during the current political situation.”

“I appeal to other community leaders who have not able to attend these meetings over the past days to also assist pass the police key messages and to avoid illegal activities.”

Tomorrow (Wednesday 15 November) Police will do a live outreach by travelling through the streets of Honiara city re-iterating its key messages to prevent crime.

  • RSIPF Media