RSIPF congratulates public for peaceful election of new Prime Minister

Officers of the RSIPF Police Response Team (PRT) provide security on the grounds of Parliament House. Photo: RSIPF Media.

Members of the public have been congratulated for their cooperation in supporting a peaceful democratic process in the election of a new Prime Minister today.

“Our people have shown maturity and listened to the call for calm and peace while allowing the National Parliamentarians resolve the political situation. This happened this morning and for this Polis blo iu (Your Police) wishes to congratulate you all for showing respect for law and order during this time,” says Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Gwen Ratu.

“RSIPF commends all citizens of this country especially those residing in Honiara for the patience shown during the past days. The freedom of speech has been exercised with responsibility as the issues surrounding the political situation were discussed openly,” says Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

She adds: “Police further appeals to the good people of this country to allow the new Prime Minister and his government to get down to the business of governing the country while we as citizens of this Hapi Isles continue to give them our support by respecting the rule of law and order.”

“I would also like to commend all the RSIPF officers involved in the operation leading up to and during the election of the new prime minister. Many officers have worked long and tireless hours to help make the community safer. The RSIPF Executive is proud of the professionalism and dedication shown during the operation,” says Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

The Police will continue with the operation around the election of the Prime Minister until this Friday 17 November through visibility patrols in and around Honiara.

  • RSIPF Media