RSIPF commissioner expects highest ethics and discipline from officers


The new Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), Matthew Varley, expects the highest ethics and discipline from his officers and seeks the community’s help to make sure the police maintain those high standards.

Speaking recently on RAMSI’s monthly Talking Truth radio program on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, Commissioner Varley acknowledged that since taking up his position in January this year and when visiting various communities a number of people had asked him why they should have confidence in the RSIPF.

“I want people to have confidence and trust in their police force because it is well trained and disciplined. I know the officers are proud of their duty,” said Commissioner Varley.

Commissioner Varley said he was very confident that the RSIPF will continue to maintain law and order after RAMSI ends in June this year.

“The police force has had the best training, there are good systems in place, and the RSIPF has a very committed senior management team. There are challenges ahead, but RAMSI has done a great job preparing the RSIPF,” he said.

“But is every police force perfect? No, it is not. Police make mistakes from time to time. I tell my officers that if a mistake is made in good faith and they have been trying to do the right then we will deal with it. I also tell my officers that I have the highest levels of expectation for my officers for integrity, discipline and accountability.”

The RSIPF Commissioner continued: “When we fall short of that, then I want the community to tell us. You can speak to the officer in charge of the nearest police station or the provincial police commander. If there’s something serious, then you can come and speak to the Commissioner’s Office and one of our senior officers will deal with your concern.”

The RSIPF Commissioner said he wanted the police and community to have a good relationship because it is through this partnership that the community can build trust in the police.

Senior officers of the RSIPF are accompanying representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office and RAMSI in a series of community outreach meetings across the nation with schools, churches, businesses, provincial assemblies and parliament to share their confidence in the RSIPF’s ability to police Solomon Islands and discuss the bilateral programs of assistance that will help the RSIPF to continue to grow after RAMSI’s exit.