ROC/Taiwan is a genuine friend of SI


Solomon Islands and the Republic of China (RO) Taiwan enjoy cordial relations over the last 34 years.

In response to an article that appeared in the Island Sun last week, a spokesperson from the National Government says ROC always provides assistances that allows leaders to use for development priorities of the country.

“They do not provide funding with strings attached. It is our leaders who should be responsible and abide by our laws and… use the funding appropriately,” the spokesperson says.

He says ROC supports Solomon Islands in many ways and not only through funding that is being managed by leaders.

“Even with the funds managed by politicians, ROC did not tell them to use it corruptively, but according to the needs of your country.

“It is therefore naïve to point fingers at ROC, when it merely gives support, that at the end of the day, our leaders themselves may have personalise it.

“There are laws, ROC gives through the government which is totally straight forward, it is our leaders that we should be pointing fingers to.

“And also to be fair, ROC’s supports have directly impacted on the lives of many ordinary citizens. Look at the RCDF funding, many rural people who could not afford iron roofing houses now owns them and now move away from kerosen to solar.

“Or do we want funding that comes from the top with strings attached and advisors sent to take over half away and left only workshops to end up in the rural areas?”
The government official says he want to see people start pointing fingers at politicians instead of the donor.

“The donor has done its part, it is our part that we fail.”

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online talked to ROC officials who said ROC provides assistances in the field of Agriculture, Health, Education, Vocational Training and other areas.

“As a genuine friend, we are here to help and not to take anything away from you. We are here to help with your development aspirations.

“And as a result of a mutual consultation between the two governments, ROC’s aid has been budgeted by the SIG as part of its annual expenditure and has also been conducted in a transparent manner.

“Not only its periodical disbursements have been carried out with public announcements and channelled through the SIG account but also acquittal reports are a pre-requisite for the release of subsequent tranches.

“Taiwan respects the priority set forth by the SIG and stands ready to work together with the SIG and its people to further enhance the achievement our limited resources can make.”

By Solomon Fresh-Beat Online