ROC assures farmers of ongoing support


Roger LUO, Ambassador of ROC (Taiwan), and Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) experts visited the extension farmers and schools in East Guadalcanal District and Burns Creek area of Honiara on 3rd March, 2017.

Mr. Wilson Halisi, the Chairman of Islanders Grassroots Farmers Association at Burns Creek warmly welcomed Ambassador LUO and laud Taiwan for the longstanding support. “We would like to convey our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to Taiwan”.

The purpose of Ambassador Luo’s visit was to witness the results of the bilateral cooperation projects on agriculture, horticulture and piggery farming between TTM and rural farmers and schools in this area.

The extension piggery and horticultural farmers in this area have received from Taiwan and TTM alot of materials and technical supports for quite a long time. Their lives have been greatly improved. Mr. Wilson, the Chairman of Islanders Grassroots Farmers Association at Burns Creek expressed sincere thanks to Ambassador LUO and commended Taiwan for the post-flooding support and providing farm machinery, fertilizer and diesel fuel.

Ambassador LUO also visited St. Joseph Community School, St. Martin Rural Technical Center and Betikama Adventist College, where TTM specialists teach the students gardening skills, and promote suitable fruit and vegetables.

TTM has also provided boarding students in Betikama College with plenty of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet through different projects, and saved up to almost SBD60,000 dollars for the last half of the year.

Ambassador Luo was delighted and touched to see so many faces and successful projects. He reassured extension farmers and schools that the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy and TTM will keep on providing necessary assistances and projects to help improve the well-being in the rural areas of Solomon Islands.