PPC Lenialu: Think safety first

The Provincial Police Commander, Western Province, Chief Superintendent, Mathias Lenialu. Photo: Supplied/RSIPF Media.

The Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Chief Superintendent Lenialu encourages the traveling public in Western Province to plan properly before travelling at sea during the current bad weather situation affecting thhe Province.

“I want to remind the people throughout Western Province to think safety first before travelling especially during this bad weather that we are currently experiencing,” says PPC Lenialu.

He adds: “If you are planning on travelling by boat, make sure that your boat is not over loaded, you have extra fuel, paddles and water. Also listen to the weather forecast from the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service which is broadcast on the local radio stations. If you are not sure, stay ashore.”

“If you are already into your trip and the weather starts to get worse, please take shelter until the weather improves,” says PPC Lenialu.

He emphasises: “Just by taking these simple measures it can help us save a life at sea. Always think about your safety when intending to travel during bad weather.”

-Police Media