Police: surge in anti-social behaviour


POLICE have observed a rise in anti-social behaviour in the society.
Speaking to the media at the weekly police conference yesterday, Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga said anti-social behaviour continues to rise in the society.
“It is an issue for police because they continue to attend to anti-social behaviour incidents,” Ms Matanga said.
She urged youths especially and those who cause problems in the society to seek help and support with their in-depth problems.
“People want to live peacefully and harmoniously, therefore being responsible would really help police in their job because police will not attend to every single problem in our society.
“I urged communities to work together with us because some of the issues can be dealt with at the community level.”
The acting police chief meanwhile said last week’s reports indicate a slight decrease.
“We are good law abiding citizens, therefore we must respect the rule of law.
“We have a system and process that governs us on how we live and how we do things,” Ms Matanga said.
Ms Matanga said police will continue to call on people to respect each other and live peacefully together.
She then warned drivers that police will continue to carry out their random breathalyzer checks this weekend.
She said they will also conduct their “hotspots operations “to identify people that cause problem or issues of anti-social behaviour.
Everyone in Honiara is urged to assist police when police go to your areas so that we can crack down on anti-social behaviour in our society.