Police officer faces bribery allegation


A police officer who allegedly received a $200 bribe from a bus driver and the bus conductor has appeared in the Honiara Magistrates Court yesterday.
It was alleged the bus driver and his assistant paid the police officer to escape a traffic crime.
Nelson Isogeto was charged with one count of accepting bribe under section 194 of the Police Act.
Prosecution alleged the bus driver and the conductor gave Isogeto the $200 after they were caught with a dysfunctional rear light at a refilling station in Honiara last year.
It was alleged that having been given the $200, the accused did not press charges against this bus driver and conductor.
The matter has since been investigated until this year when Isogeto was finally charged.
Isogeto’s case will be mentioned again in court on November 14 as he is yet to be allocated a lawyer.
He told the court he went to the Public Solicitor’s Office but is yet to be allocated a lawyer.
Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi directed Daniel Kwalai of Public Solicitor’s Office who appeared in court yesterday to follow up with Isogeto’s request for a lawyer.
She then extended the accused’s bail until the next court date.
Public Prosecutor Elizabeth Tito is representing the Crown in this matter.