Police in West boosted with two new Land Cruisers

Photo of two new vehicles for Western Provincial Police while at Rove before taken for shipment.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Department of Logistics and Stores had made arrangement for two new Land Cruiser Trooper vehicles to be shipped to Western Province on 10 April 2018.

Deputy Director of RSIPF Department of Logistics and Stores, Inspector Tony Pitamama says, “The two trooper vehicles were allocated to Western Provincial Police by the RSIPF Fleet Committee.”

He adds: “The vehicles were allocated to Ringgi and Gizo Police Stations and Western Provincial Police Commander Office has been notified of the shipment of the vehicles.”

“The two vehicles were allocated to these two stations as most of their operational vehicles are in bad condition after the last allocation in year 2012. More so, taken into account the distant and long term need to guarantee the operational capability of the RSIPF to respond to incidents more effectively, seeing Western is the border province to neighbouring Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea,” says Inspector Pitamama.

He says, “A proposed audit tour for other Provincial Police is being schedule and this is to determine the RSIPF assets including vehicles for these Provincial police before submission for vehicle allocation to other provinces.  

“The vehicles are part of seven (7) vehicles purchased by the RSIPF last year 2017, through the Solomon Islands Government current budget and strengthening program funding for police,” says Deputy Director Pitamama.

-RSIPF Media