Police in training preparation towards Games


POLICE have started preparations towards the South Pacific Games 2023 with a Command and Control Communication Training.
Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast said the training will give officers the ability to manage control operations in relation to issues such as public disorder, natural disasters and other major events.
The training which started few days ago will conclude today.
Mr Prendergast said they are casting their eyes far ahead for the Pacific Games in 2023.
“So it is a very important activity,” he said.
He said officers attending the training are from different police units including the Professional Standard Internal Investigation (PSII), Close Personnel Protection (CPP), and Police Response Team (PRT), officers from the provinces and officers from Honiara Central.
The Police Commissioner was speaking during the weekly police conference yesterday.
Mr Prendergast said this is training right from the commanders through to the operators on the ground so it’s a very important training.
“It’s good to see that it has been going on so well,” he said.