Police in GP calls for calm and safe Christmas


Police in Guadalcanal Province (GP) appeals to communities in the Province to stay calm and have safe celebrations during the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities.

“As we head into the Christmas and New Year celebrations, let us take this moment to look at what is the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas is a time for celebration, a time of reconciliation and time for thanksgiving. We give thanks to God for another successful year 2017 as look forward together for a better and peaceful Guadalcanal in 2018,” says Superintendent Nixon Manetoga, Provincial Police Commander, Guadalcanal Province in his message to the communities in the Guadalcanal Province.

“As we start our celebrations for this Christmas, I want to appeal to all my good people and the communities within Guadalcanal Province to stay calm and have safe celebrations this Christmas and New Year. To our Ward Crime Prevention Committees, I salute you for a job well done this year with the support from our Provincial Government, non-government organisations, chiefs, village elders, church leaders, women, men and youth organisation leaders,” says Superintendent Manetoga.

PPC Manetoga adds: “Prevention of crime is not only preventing crime but also promoting community safety and contributing to sustainable development in our communities. Effective, responsible crime prevention is enhancing the quality of life of all communities within Guadalcanal Province.”

“Crime prevention is all about community engagement in all works of life, engaging youths from involvement in any social activity that threatens our communities, respect for the elderly people, encouraging law and order within our communities to make our communities a safer environment,” says Superintendent Manetoga.

Mr Manetoga appeals to those in the Province who are thinking of traveling by boat from Honiara to the Weathercoast, Marau and other parts of Guadalcanal or even travel from Honiara to Central Islands Province for Christmas Holidays to consider taking the necessary safety measures before embarking on the trip.

 PPC Manetoga adds, “As a boat operator you are legally responsible for equipping yourself, your passenger, and your boat with the right equipment. You are also responsible for operating your boat in a safe and courteous manner and ensure measures are taken for the safety of your passengers. Do not consume alcohol while operating your boat.

“Also all vehicle owners and travelling passengers travelling on our roads, please take care and always take the necessary precautions. No alcohol, no drink and drive, this is for your safety and also safety of your passengers,” says Mr Manetoga.

Superintendent Manetoga further adds: “Police in Guadalcanal Province will be conducting major operations throughout the festive season including monitoring boats and vehicles traveling from Honiara to villages. Anyone found consuming alcohol, taking illegal drugs, or taking the illegal drink kwaso or any one selling alcohol without licenses will be dealt with accordingly to the law.”

  • RSIPF Media