Police encourages people to continue with “business as usual” tomorrow


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) encourages “business as usual” on the eve of the vote for a new Prime Minister by Members of National Parliament in Honiara tomorrow Wednesday 15 November 2017.

“With the high visibility operation underway by Police in and around Honiara we want to encourage people to continue with business as usual tomorrow and the rest of this week,” says Supervising Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Gwen Ratu, who is also overall Commander of the Police Operations for the Election of a New Prime Minister.

“Our officers are out patrolling the streets supported by our community engagements within certain settlements on the outskirts of the city, so we want to encourage businesses and schools, government departments and other organisations to continue with their normal operations and services to our people,” says Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

She adds: “So far our intelligence has indicated that there is a low threat of any trouble but at the same time we want to assure businesses, schools, government offices and other organisations operating in the capital, that should there be any illegal activity planned to disturb the democratic process, Polis blo iu (Your Police) is ready to take action.”

“We want to call for the public’s patience as traffic on some of our streets might be delayed but this will be temporary,” says Deputy Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

The RSIPF Executive is also meeting daily to monitor the current law and order situation in Honiara and the rest of the country and the public will be informed accordingly if there are any changes to the current calm situation.

Public are encouraged to get in touch through the Police Emergency toll free number 999 or the Police Operation Centre (POC) on phone 27891 should they have any information on any one or group planning to disturb the peace.

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