Police boss rejects claims

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley.


THE Commissioner of Police Mathew Varley has robustly rejected claims by Alfred Sasako in an article published in the Island Sun Newspaper on 7th July as misleading and not true.

Mr Sasako claimed in the article that there will be no arrests of politicians until after 17th December next year (2018) citing political instability as the reason for delaying police action.

When asked Mr Varley on the matter in a Press Conference on Thursday 13th (yesterday) the police boss rejected the claims.

“That is simply not true.

“I rejects any suggestions that there is some sort of pressure or influence being placed on police to not arrest MPs is not true.

“There is currently a case before the court of a Minister that was being charged recently by RSIPF for corruption charges and that matter is before the court.

“We have a series of other investigations on hand but those investigation are complex and are time consuming.

“As we conduct those investigation we refer all the cases to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and where the evidence is sufficient we can lay charges based on the DPP’s recommendation.

But as I have said earlier the decision to lay charges against any person for any criminal offence is a matter for the police to do based on the advice of the DPP.

“So there is no ability for anyone to make that decision other than the Police and the DPP and that’s the matter for us and we investigate cases and we charge people based on the evidence and not based on any other factor,” he said.