PM says WWII brought important lessons

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says World War II has taught the world important lessons when he paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for peace and freedom during the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942.

Solomon Islands this week is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the landing of the United States Marines on Guadalcanal with a series of commemorations around the capital Honiara.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare attended an early morning tribute alongside the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui, the Speaker of Parliament Ajilon Nasiu and the Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer at the U.S WWII Memorial at Skyline in Central Honiara.

In his tribute to the fallen servicemen of the allied forces, Mr Sogavare said the anniversary was a tribute to the brave men who paid the ultimate sacrifice for peace in the region which gives everyone a chance to enjoy the existence of diverse cultures and appreciates the need to co-exist despite ethnic, linguistic or religious differences.

“The Second World War has taught important lessons and created friendships. Over the years, a new global architecture strengthened by a common sense of purpose towards peace and prosperity has been forged,” Sogavare said. 

Solomon Islands which once provided a battle field for Japanese and US Allied forces, now enjoys cordial relations with both the US and Japan respectively.

The shared history of the Second World War has become one of the strengths that bind many countries together and Solomon Islands and the United States of America have pledged to uphold the principles of the UN Charter which serve as the underlying platform rendering respect for all mankind. 

Mr Sogavare also registered his appreciation for the important role which the Government of the United States continues to render in maritime surveillance in the region saying his government acknowledges the support and cooperation of the US Pacific Command in maintaining the corridors of small islands states safe.

More than Seven decades on after the Second World War – the world has become an integrated community of 8 billion people with international structures in place to maintain peace and order.

Many of the brave men, who fought on Guadalcanal and throughout the Second World War, left behind families and loved ones. Of the many brave men that survived the war there are a few who still live to tell the remarkable stories from the war.

Representatives of the United States, Australia and New Zealand Governments are currently attending the celebrations in Honiara this week.

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