PM elect, Hou outlines strategy to deal with pressing issues

Prime Minister elect and Small Malaita Constituency MP Rick Hou delivering his inaugural speech to the nation today morning as former PM Manasseh Sogavare looks on. Photo: Solomon Fresh Beat Online.

Immediately after his successful election to the country’s top political post, Prime Minister elect Rick Hou spells out his coalition’s strategy during his inaugural speech this morning.

Mr Hou says the road ahead is challenging, and he is fully aware of the enormity of the task before them.

“I am also conscious of the limited time we have on hand. Indeed, there are questions as to what my Government plans to achieve in this very short time.

“My good people, I can assure you that my new administration will quickly put in place a strategy that entails a set of priorities that are deemed achievable in the short period.

“The strategy is to continue with the projects and programs of the previous DCCG with increased level of policy implementation aimed to stabilize the fiscal situation, strengthen budget implementation and ensure we achieve tangible results in the short term.”

Regarding the cash flow situation, the country is facing, Mr Hou says one of their vital objective to stabilize the ailing fiscal situation.

“It is my Government’s priority to immediately address the cash flow situation. My Government will ensure there is fiscal discipline across government sectors and to assist line ministries to execute their respective budgets more efficiently, effectively, and responsibly.

“I assure you that my officials have already identified key areas in the productive, social and resource sectors that my Government will prioritize as our immediate short-term plan.”

He says given the limited timeframe, they will focus and prioritize achievable, identified infrastructure projects only.

“We will accelerate necessary work to fast track those infrastructure projects that are crucial to quickly resuscitate government finances and the economy more broadly.

He says it is important to prioritize and invest in Infrastructure development that will provide opportunities for growth in the rural sector. “

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