Opposition wants PM to inform nation on PA downsizing promise

Opposition Leader Hon. Manasseh Maelanga.

Opposition Leader Hon Manasseh Maelanga calls on Prime Minister Rick Hou to inform the nation whether he has followed through with his promise to reduce the number of Political Appointees (PAs) in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Hon Maelanga said it has been three weeks since Hon Hou was elected as Prime Minister and the nation is anxious to know whether the new Prime Minister has honoured his pledge to reduce the number of political positions to the number required to achieve government’s priorities during its short term in office.

He said if the Prime Minister is yet to carry out the promised exercise, he needs to also inform the nation of any impeding factors or challenges he is confronted with.

“Lest the Prime Minister forget what he promised after assuming office, the Opposition deems it important that he be reminded that the nation is anxiously waiting to hear from him whether he has already carried out the Political Appointees recruitment exercise and realigned political appointments according to the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s priority areas.

“If the Prime Minister is yet to implement the promised exercise, the nation also needs to know what are the impeding factors or challenges before him and he must inform the nation accordingly instead of clamping down on the issue.”

The Opposition Leader said the Opposition sees the reduction and realignment of PA positions as a crucial move to alleviate and improve the government’s poor fiscal situation.

He said it is no secret that the number of PAs that have been engaged in the Prime Minister’s Office has been excessive and a huge financial drain on the government and it is only prudent that it is reduced without any further delay.

Hon Maelanga said the Opposition urges all government MPs to accept the Prime Minister’s promised PA reduction and realignment exercise for the sake of restoring fiscal stability instead of allowing narrow political interests to dictate their stance on the matter.

  • Opposition Press