Opposition exposes ‘secret car park meeting’

Car Park secret meeting caught on tape

A video footage of a ‘secret’ meeting between the Minister of Mines & Energy and a controversial Asian miner at the Heritage Park Hotel carpark has been obtained by the Opposition Group.

The meeting which took place on April 21st 2017 around 10:40pm at night raises a lot of questions as to why the minister David Dei Pacha met the miner privately that night as it also undermined the minister’s status.

According to a video footage obtained by the Opposition Office, the mines and energy minister’s vehicle, a Hyundai SUV with registered plate number G- 3903, arrived at the HP carpark at around 10:40pm.

Few minutes later, an Asian man believed to be the Chairman of Asia Pacific Investment Development Limited (APID) Ray Set Fah Chu was seen walking down the stairs and into the minister’s vehicle.

From the footage, the Opposition Office can confirm that the secret car park meeting lasted for around 10 minutes before Mr. Chu was seen exiting from the car and went back to his hotel room.

“We strongly denounce this meeting and call on the minister to explain why he met the Asian miner that night at the car park. This meeting is highly suspicious especially when it is also done on a Friday night after official hours,” it says.

The Opposition Office states that the secret meeting raised more suspicion especially after it happened two months after the Prime Minister and the mines minister were also caught in a controversial text message exchange with the same Asian miner.

The text messages carried contents of the Prime Minister’s text to Mr Chu granting zero duty to Bintan Mining Company (subsidiary of APID) to export stockpile of bauxite from West Rennel in January this year.

The Opposition says the chronology of events has indicated ‘highly’ suspicious dealings between Bintan, the minister and other senior ministers in the Government.

“The people of this nation deserve a full explanation or the Minister must resign,” it says.

The Opposition Group today says the G plated vehicle 3903 was the official vehicle of the mines minister.

The Opposition also confirmed with the hotel management that Mr Chu and his colleagues were guests of the hotel at the time and date the meeting occurred.

Solomon Fresh-beat Online attempts to talk to the Minister were unsuccessful but will continue to try and get his response.

Source: Opposition Office