‘No reserved businesses for locals’, Parl told


The Minister of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, Elijah Doro Muala has told Parliament his ministry currently does not have reserved businesses for indigenous Solomon Islanders.

But he said the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration does under the Foreign Investment Regulations 2006, have 14 business reserved activities.

Mr Muala said the reserved business activities are:

– Cultivating plant crops exclusively for sale at domestic markets;

– Timber milling operations producing not more than 2,500 cubic metres of sawn timber annually;

– Retail trading of household goods and services on premises in an area of less than 200 square metres;

– Producing handcrafts and cultural artefacts;

– Operating buses, taxis and hire car services;

– Livestock farming for sale exclusively at domestic markets;

– Wild forest products gathering for sale at domestic markets;

– Laundry services that are not part of hotels;

– Restaurants, cafes, and other eating and drinking businesses other than  specialised businesses operating within an area of less than 25 square metres;

– Market vending and roadside stalls;

– Domestic help services;

– Static guarding services for offices and domestic dwellings with a workforce of less than 20 employees;

– Office and lawn cleaning services not associated with hotels and Customs Clearance Agencies.

Mr Muala clarified in Parliament February 21, the reserved business areas while responding to a question by the Parliamentary Independent Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, who wanted to know the number of urban and rural indigenous Solomon Islanders that are taking part in income generating ventures in Solomon Islands.

By George Atkin for OPMC Press