New prospecting company conducts awareness

Tina river potential site exploration.

By Jayjay Mesaac – SFB freelancer

The Cranberry Resources Company of Solomon Islands Limited has launched an awareness program for some Tina River landowners as it awaits green light from the Ministry of Mines.

The new company recently conducted a consultation and awareness program for the people of South Guadalcanal after they lodged a prospecting application in October 2017 and after the Minerals board meeting in November 2017.

The Minerals board has yet to issue approval so that the Company can do prospecting in the Tina River, South of Guadalcanal.

A Mines officer confirms that the company will not operate until landowners, Government witness and land Trustees of the company confirm the approval of Surface Access Agreement (SAA).

Company directors Steven Wong and Terry Wong said, upon approval, the intention is to search for gold and copper within the next three years.

“If the company is given the green light to commence, people will benefit from its operations,” says the two.

They assured that there will be many spin-offs.

Currently the company is still negotiating with the landowners, land trustees and the community to find out if they are on the same page to roll.