New media is born – Solomon Fresh-Beat Online Launched

MASI President Leni Dalavera. Photo: SIBC.

A new media organisation has joined the media family in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online News Service has been launched by the President of the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) Leni Dalavera this morning.

The launching which was made live on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation (SIBC) was witnessed by a sizable gathering including the president of MASI Leni Dalavera.

Speaking to officially launch the new media group, Mr Leni described Solomon Fresh-Beat Online as “a timely initiative”.

He also encourages young Solomon Islanders to be creative and work hard to achieve their dreams.

“Solomon Islands will be innovatively prosperous if young educated Solomon Islanders work hard to pursue their dreams and contribute to nation building.

“Utilise your abilities and skills to build this nation. It is yours.”

The President of MASI Leni then congratulated and welcomed Solomon Fresh-beat Online to the media family.

Founder of Solomon Fresh-Beat Online Ednal Palmer says, in recent years, Solomon Islanders, mostly the young generation, have turned to internet for answers and almost everything.

He says in developed countries, internets commands everything from marketing to access of information.

“In the Solomon Islands, this digital wave is hitting our shores and with the arrival of the internet cable – a government project that is in the making, internet services will be very affordable and accessible throughout the country.”

On that backdrop, he says the establishment of an Online News is timely because it provides this vital service of providing news and information to those who depend on internet and bridges people far and near given the country’s geographical setting.

“Timeliness of disseminating information is very important because it helps people to make quick and sound decisions for their business and daily lives.”

Mr Palmer says the aim of Solomon Fresh-Beat Online is to provide timely and fresh news to all Solomon Islanders.

“More and more people are now resorting to internet these days and it is evident the country is moving into a digital era, therefore information and marketing is also moving in that direction.

“And seeing there is a gap in terms of online news service, it is only fitting that a platform is created to fill this gap.”

Mr Palmer thanked those who have supported the initiative in ensuring it comes to fruition.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online is an Online New Service, trading under Island Media Holdings Ltd.